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Traffic Signal


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Was told by several officers that this stop sign seems to be missed due to the way that the tree limb above it shades the visibility of the sign to be seen.

Many people do not come to a complete stop at this sign, and perform illegal rolling stop. Every accident that has happened at this very accident prone intersection has been reported by officers as the fault of the driver performing the rolling stop in fault with the driver on West Franklin st driving to fast.

The Flashing Stop signs were installed to help this intersection, as well road bumps a mile up the street...but they've done nothing to do so.

It's been discussed with officers that yellow cautionary lights flashing from all 4 directions, as well a don't block the box in the center of the intersection, and the street limit currently set at 30mph to be reduced to 20mph are the best methods to avoid future accidents.

Please consider these mentioned methods when considering options to help ease the amount of accidents that happen at this intersection.

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