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Left Turn Signals Открыта

345 Oradell Avenue Paramus, New Jersey Show on Map Hide Map
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The lights at this exact location is a nightmare. It is very dangerous at times. People are constantly trying to beat the light before it goes red. This is on all 4 sides. The left turn signal does not give enough traffic to go thru before the cars going straight start flying into the intersection. People go beyond the lines so when the light gets yellow on Forest people from opposite direction slow down so they can turn but that is not the case. People run thru the yellow and don't care there are people stuck in dead center and need to go. Well that is not fair for those who are trying to make the left turn onto Forest from Oradell, only 2 cars can beat the light before the opposite side comes at you. This corner really needs to be addressed, also since it is a school zone. This is a perfect ticket corner. Everyone runs the red lights, constantly!! The light needs more time for left cars to turn. Also if you are facing east the left turn light turns green but doesn't go yellow to warn drivers the light will go green for opposite side.

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