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Town of Gilbert Case: AUP07-01
Administrative Use Permit - Shared Parking
Mixed-use Development known as Parcel 1 of the Spectrum Commercial Core.

1st Floor (retail/medical): 14,744 sq.ft.
2nd Floor (indoor rec.): 39,256 sq.ft.
3rd Floor (office): 33,191 sq.ft.

The required number of parking spaces per Town of Gilbert requirements equaled 513 parking spaces, however the Administrative Use Permit allowed for 413 parking spaces based upon SHARED PARKING y adjacent uses.

For the past 17 years, this mixed-use development has shared the available 413 parking spaces. However, the landlord has installed a gate controlled access for the`135 parking spaces located under the parking structure. The net effect will no longer allow for 413 shared parking spaces, thereby reduced to 278 shared parking spaces which is well below the AUP requirement and will barely allow for the Fitness Center/Indoor Rec user which requires 261 parking spaces, not to mention the 14,744 sq.ft. of 1st floor retail users including a medical/surgical office use.

Tenants/Users/Guests within this mixed-use development are concerned that the restricted parking/gate access control of 135 parking spaces violates the AUP approved by Town of Gilbert in 2007, and this scope of this on-going construction is not approved by Town of Gilbert.

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