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Now that the owners of 375[-381] Greenwich Ave. [Clement & Helen Eneh of Stratford 203-526-7045] have begun to allow tenants to park in the rear yard, with typically 4-5 vehicles parked there in the evening, this property is in violation of the city’s zoning ordinance, to wit:
ZONING ORDINANCE, City of New Haven, Connecticut: ARTICLE IV. RESIDENCE DISTRICTS: General Provisions Section 29. PARKING (d) In the case of any use in a residence district for which THREE OR MORE PARKING SPACES [emphasis mine] are required, all parking spaces not within a building shall be provided with a suitable fence, wall or evergreen planting AT LEAST FIVE FEET IN HEIGHT [emphasis mine], designed to screen noise, odors, VISIBILITY [emphasis mine] and headlight glare, and located between such parking spaces and any other lot in a residence district that abuts directly OR ACROSS A STREET [emphasis mine] or alley. (e)All artificial lighting used to illuminate any parking space or spaces shall be so arranged that all direct rays from such lighting fall entirely within such parking space or spaces. http://library.municode.com/index.aspx?clientId=19969&stateId=7&stateName=Connecticut
A less expensive alternative to erecting a five-foot screen would be for the owners to prohibit tenants from parking in the rear yard—as had been the case until recently.

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