Uneven Pavement Causes Cars to Bottom Out Going Into Yale Divinity School from Canner St. Archived

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Sidewalks and Curb damage


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Prospect Hill




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Going west on Canner St., when you turn left (or south) to go to Yale Divinity School (the entrance between Loomis and Prospect streets), the pavement from the road to the sidewalk to the access road/parking lot is very uneven. Unless you go incredibly slow, your car bottoms out and the pavement scrapes the bottom of your car. The danger in avoiding bottoming out by going really slow is that it's near the top of the hill, and you can't see cars that might be coming downhill (headed east on Canner) too well, and you don't want to get caught in the middle of a creeping turn while someone comes barreling over the hill. I don't know if this is a New Haven issue or a Yale Divinity School issue (I assume YDS) but it would be great if the incline from Canner, over the sidewalk, and up to the YDS access road here could be leveled/ smoothed out. I just had to pay $500 to fix a hole in my car's flex pipe and I am pretty sure that this was the cause of it.

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