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No change, pedestrians walking on Front Street must still watch out for driver coming out of the condos near the intersection of Front with Lewis Street. The drivers are so intent on watching for cars headed north on Freont Street that they do not look at the sidewalk to their right.

At the same time pedestrians must watch for drivers that do not stop at the Lewis Street and Front street, southern directed stop signs and drivers that do not stop at the badly positioned, north directed Front Street stop sign. A different ticket has been opened on the need for speed bumps or something else to get drivers to at least slowdown at these stop signs,

This is an over all dangerous intersection that must be re-engineered. In the meanwhile the neighborly thing would be for the condo association to put up a sign to remind their residents to look for pedestrians, particularly children, to the right as they exit the parking lot.

There is a community playground across the street.

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