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9645 Mettetal St Detroit, MI 48227, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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The home address is correct but walking south on Mettetal you would never suspect there is a house and its lot with all that vegetation. You cannot walk on the sidewalk, it's covered with tall weeds that have grown into trees, as you can plainly see. l have made complaints about this address since 2019! Nothing has been done, other than letting me know it is owned by someone. That's NO excuse for allowing a house to look like this in a city where kids walk to school every day and homeowners still live in this block that a slum landlord is allow this much leverage for as long as it's been allowed. Erma Henderson is at the cross street. l am amazed this house is being ignored by the city that says they will handle any abandoned or dangerous situation where kids pass on their way to school. This is not a comfortable site on a city street for any human.

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Q. If exact address is unknown, please provide the nearest address to the problem.
A. 9645 Mettetal St is the exact address
Q. What is the nature of the problem?
A. Other
Q. Is access to a sidewalk, street, driveway or property blocked?
A. Yes
Q. Where is the tree located?
A. Other

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