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Traffic Safety (non-emergency) Acknowledged

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Traffic Safety (non-emergency)


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Oakland Ave-Harrison St



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The speeding caused by Harrison street's design is very dangerous to bicyclists and pedestrians, not to mention Westlake middle We need wider sidewalks, wider bike lanes, more crosswalks, and lower speed limits - Traffic lights and stop signs would help as well. There are parts of Harrison near Hamilton Pl and 29th where the width of the sidewalk is < 3 feet (an ADA violation) and the road is a mostly unused 60+ feet wide!

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Q. Which calming/safety device are you requesting?
A. Stop Sign
Q. ***PLEASE CHECK*** the LOCATION of your request, so we send the crew to the correct place. For mobile users, sometimes the GPS location is incorrect. *ALSO* To avoid delays, provide a detailed description of the issue. *PHOTOS* are helpful.
A. No Answer Given

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