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Just saw that a neighbor over on Henry St clickfixed about the overgrowth problem in tree boxes on the street. Well, Boylston St also has a problem with this as well and I hate to say it, but, it is a citywide issue! Residents and property owners just don’t take care of their individual boxes and the weeds are growing out of control!

I remember when these boxes were first installed on the street in an effort to “beautify” our city. Well if you take a ride around and look at the current situation of these tree boxes that is quite the contrary! The number of residents/property owners maintaining these tree boxes are few and far between! 😔 The city MUST come up with a plan to maintain these boxes. I have stated SEVERAL times to make this a project for the teens of the Malden SYEP! Not only would it get the job done, but, it would teach the teens to respect and care for the environment in which they live. It’s got to get done somehow …. and just hacking at the weeds with a machete is only a quick fix. We need an ongoing program to keep this problem under control.

Hope someone will finally DO SOMETHING and take care of this ongoing problem.

Thank you.

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