Handicapped/disabled/elderly are not able to enjoy the new South Point Park because of limited Red Bus/Q102 Bus service does not go there Archived

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the disabled and elderly are not able to take a bus to the new and much publisized South Point Park on Roosevelt Island...much of the island is disabled and cannot walk the almost mile down and back home to the new park. I have called, emailed bot the MTA/Mr. Silverman, and Mr. Fernando Martinez at RIOC also have asked at the RIRA meetings Mr. Katz and even to the RIOC office last Friday in person to request a bus stop to be placed at the entrance. I have been told many times when the park opens the buses would all be re routed down to the park. I cannot walk without horrible pain and as others on the island would love to be able to get out and enjoy the park as others are able to. What will it take for RIOC to live up to it's promise to have the buses go to the park? Ignoring the disableds request is not only harsh, rude and not polite, but it speaks volumes of the people working at RIOC .... I am shocked...I hope the colleges that are bidding for the property here heed my warning in what I am saying. They have lied, told un truths and really have not regard to the this request. I have been told that people that live in Southtown do not use the Red Bus, that more disabled people live farther north...that is also not true. South Point and Southtown has a number of disabled, a lot to be honest and this request should be honored. What will it take?


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