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Tree Debris Clean-Up Request


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Calumet Heights




Tree debris from the many storms we have had this summer line the alley of my block. Also a lot of overgrown weeds align block, and extend the entire length of the vacant property across the alley from my residence.

In addition, water is accumulating and attracting bugs, flies, and other unwanted pests to nest, fester, and breed. The heat from the past couple of weeks (beginning 8/24) has caused this problem to worsen and has put the need for expeditious removal on high alert. Please have the tree debris, water, bugs, and other pests removed immediately! And I will thank you in advance for the your prompt attention and cooperation in this matter.

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Q. Where is the debris located?
A. Yes
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Q. Where is the debris located?
A. Alley
Q. Is the debris to be picked-up larger than a city garbage cart?
A. Yes

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