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road safety


On Monday September 19th I watched a Garnet Valley SD bus driver as he drove recklessly on Route 1. He was driving bus number 92 at approximately 4pm. He is an older man with grey hair, I believe glasses, and he wore a red baseball hat.

The bus driver came across from the other side of Route 1 at a high rate of speed and swung into the right lane, cutting me off to the point that I had to slam on my brakes. I proceeded around the bus in the left lane and honked. The bus driver honked back at me although I wasn't at fault. I passed and went back into the right lane.

At the light at Valleybrook Rd, I was braking due to the red light. He came up behind me at a high rate of speed once again. He then slowed to pass me on the right to make a right turn. As he did so he stared at me in an intimidating/creepy way as he passed. His eyes were NOT on the road, they were on me. He even turned completely around after he passed me & while the bus was still moving into the intersection!

I also saw in the back of the bus a kid (around high school age) laying on two seats...his body was stretched across the aisle. This is not safe ESPECIALLY considering the way this driver handles the bus on the road. He is IRRESPONSIBLE, ARROGANT, and his behavior on the road makes the Garnet Valley SD look foolish for employing a person like this. If I were a parent, I would not want my child's safety in that man's hands.

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