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Pavement Problem Absurdly high speed humps Potwierdzone

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City of Brookhaven


Pavement Problem


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The newly installed speed humps are too steep and too tall.
The devices are to ensure vehicles do not exceed the posted speed limit -25MPH. The original speed humps that were originally granted (via hearing)and installed by Dekalb Co a few years ago were the proper allow for proper legal ingress and egress. The new speed humps force drivers to slow excessively or be thrown in the air. These steep humps also delay emergency vehicles Emergency Vehicles. I watched an ambulance crawl up the street due to these new incorrect speed humps. This is a street that has NO crosswalkss and homes with sidewalk on just one side_Ogelthorpe fenced grounds are the opposite side.

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Q. Is the problem a pot hole?
A. No
Q. If not a pot hole, please describe issue:
A. Poorly designed speed humps

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