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The traffic signals on Northbound Highley from Houston to US 60 are so miss timed that if one care heading east or westbound is there, it will delay all traffic by about 10 minutes heading northbound. The goal of traffic is go move the heaviest traffic. How have you not figured this out. We are now using an Investigative company to video and and attorney to review your timing of signals from Houston to US 60 Northbound on Higley Road. The Arizona Board of Technical Registration is also involved and very interested on why your causing unnessary delays. We will persue legal actiona and get media, The Arizona Board of Technical Registration and start looking at revoking your licenses. Fixs this or suffer the consequence of our agency. This is a joke on how you handle this. The Traffic should move not stall every time one care sites east or westbound at Houston or Michelle. Your the worst city for traffic enforcement and getting traffic moving. Explain this with an actual report. We have requested and received Zero Response. Not it s going legal you fools!


  • Gilbert 311 (Verified Official)

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  • Office of Digital Government - Derek (Verified Official)

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  • Gilbert 311 (Verified Official)

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  • Engineering - Mike 🚦 (Verified Official)

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