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Alley Potholes / Blading / Smoothing Acknowledged

6701 3rd Ave N St Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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City of St. Petersburg


Alley Potholes / Blading / Smoothing


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Mosquitos- The pavement has sunk and needs patching to illuminate the continual standing water at 67th St. between third and 4th Ave., North. Mosquito control has taken Mosquito samples and I have twice been told I would receive an update but no one has contacted me. We are in rainy season and this area continues to constantly have water. It will dry if we go a couple of days with Rain but you can drive the neighborhood and it is the one place where there is consistently standing water - my car and tires always are covered with mud which gets into my garage. Can you help?

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Q. What is the issue?
A. Filling potholes (or other asphalt issues) in a paved alley
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A. No Answer Given

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