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Pennington Bend Road nashville, TN عرض على الخريطة إخفاء الخريطة
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Construction barrells placed in roadway for shoulder repair has created a potential for head on collisions.
These barrells have been in place for at least 2 months for roadway failure due to the flood of May 2010.
The concern being the barrells are sitting on a semi-blind curve creating roadway constriction.
The foliage growing has not been cut back creating an even more dangerous situation.
2-22-1012 Barrels were removed from repair area. Roadway unrepaired as of this date. Exposed, pressurized waste line exposed, and unsupported. Potential Bio- mess here seems to be ignored by Public Works. New very small warning "Sticks" were placed in area. No signs of repair crews. Poor service from Public Works !

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