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Fire Hazard


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This is a report on a fire hazard as well as a noise complaint. I recently posted a report but failed to specify the address. I would just like to reach out to the neighbors and ask if they could stop with the extremely powerful fireworks. It's now July 9th and it is super dry out. All weekend long this happens with exception to the fireworks. Very loud music all day into the night, screaming, partying and a little respect should be given to your neighbors. Doesn't matter how much money you have or friends you have, it's a matter of respect. Also the law is being broke in some of these incidents. I have photos, do not want to cause a big uproar or issue. This is the first time I'm addressing this issue. It should have been done years ago. It is constant almost every single weekend. The fireworks are very high quality and extremely loud. My pets nearly had a heart attack. My young nephews can't sleep. People are also going through different illnesses right now like covid, and many other issues. I get that we all need to unwind sometimes, but not to this extent. This house is basically a nightclub that runs 24/7 on the weekends and holidays. There has to be a city ordinance and or state laws which are being broke. Please respect your fellow neighbors for you do not know what issues people are going through. This just makes it more difficult. Thanks

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