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This issue was closed about a year ago but for some reason the DOT or the City Traffic has changed this back to a flashing yellow. It is VERY VERY DANGEROUS with traffic merging from Fountain into Whalley and the village into Whalley and West Rock. People turning from Whalley onto West Rock on a green light have the right-of-way but vehicle fly onto Whalley from Fountain with total disregard for the law or safety or common sense. Why is this light blinking again and not a traffic signal of green/yellow/red? Why is the pedestrian signal covered in a garbage bag again? And, finally, if this is to remain a blinking yellow, the city should install a yield sign for those exiting Fountain and seriously consider an electronic NO-RIGHT-TURN signal from Whalley to West Rock that illuminates during rush hour in the morning and evening. THIS IS A TERRIBLY UNSAFE INTERSECTION AND IS A SLAP IN THE FACE TO OUR CITIZENS AND ALL THE HARD WORK WVRA HAS BEEN DOING TO ATTRACT PEDESTRIANS AND TRAFFIC TO OUR VILLAGE. Please fix this.

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