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Speed Table or Huge Bumps on Front street costing Chicopee Money!!!

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A. After reading our Mayor’s article this morning, a response was necessary. If anyone really believes that the snowplow drivers will not slam into these either damaging their own vehicles costing them money and causing injury to the drivers or damaging the “speed tables” costing the city money, has not thought this through all the way. It’s difficult enough to see people walking across roads, trash cans out on trash days and animals in the roads when it’s pouring snow, sleet and rain in winter. Never mind when there are no weather conditions and the drivers are exhausted from driving and accidents happen. This is just ONE MORE accident waiting to happen. Whoever decided on this idea is the cause of the accident. If speed is such an issue on Front street, where we have schools, library, stores and a condensed neighborhood community, then how about placing 4 Chicopee cruisers out there to begin handing out ticket and MAKE THE CITY SOME MONEY instead of COSTING the city some money. That’s just a thought though….

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