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Between Village Deli and NC Inspection Center at the Factory there is a ALOT of traffic that comes in and out of the factory area. Many folks want to turn left at that intersection but with how busy Main Street is (I know you all are working on that) it is nearly impossible to get out of the factory and turn left (even turning right onto main street is a monster).. I almost witnessed an accident (as I almost do nearly every time that I am stopped at that intersection on almost a weekly basis).. where someone is waiting to turn left onto Main street because they were sick of waiting for 5+ minutes (that's not an exaggeration) so they take a chance and it causes a lot of opportunity for failure and potential accidents. A lot of the time the person in the right lane pulls too far forward and because of this the person that is turning is not able to see oncoming cars from their right.. A police officer from Wake Forest did this to me today and I had been waiting in legal position for 4+ minutes at the time. Incredibly frustrating when the police had to break the law (rolling too far forward in an intersection) in order to even see around those corners.. This has been an ongoing issue for at least 7 years that I have personally experienced.

My suggestion: Add a stoplight to that intersection.. It could help break up the traffic on Main Street.. It wouldn't have to be more than 20 seconds as to not back up Main Street traffic all the way to the light at Ligon Mill.


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