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Fitchburg, MA


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Hi Sam I hate to be writing you again but we have the same issue that we had last year no one has come to attend the first Street park at all this entire year! It is extremely frustrating as there are so many people that want to use this park every day and unfortunately can’t use it to its potential. I Understand is an eco friendly Park but it is SO overgrown that the only ones really enjoying it are the animals hiding in it. Skunks raccoons foxes and bunnies or what is left of the bunnies that haven’t been eaten from the foxes. This is a safety issue not only for people but our animals as well . Can you please have someone come take care of the park ASAP!

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Q. What is the nature of the problem?
A. Park Mowing
Q. What is the name of the park?
A. 1st St and Railroad St Park

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