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Parking during Happy Hour on Clark St. Acknowledged

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I am very frustrated by the street parking situation on Clark St. after work hours, during Happy Hour at Christopher Martin's and dinnertime at Modern Apizza. For street residents with valid permits, it is almost impossible to find a place to park on a Thursday or Friday night. What's worse - as you're slowly driving, looking for spots, speeding cars using Clark as a cut through, or non-residents looking for parking too, close in behind you and honk angrily, and rarely give you the space or time to park should you find a spot. With cars already parked on both sides, these cars can't just pass you by. This happened to me today, and the driver of the car behind me not only was honking violently as I politely waited for her to back up a bit, so that I could park. Soon, I heard her screaming obscenities at me out her window. I pulled over, as best I could, into a narrow driveway, to let her pass. She pulled up beside me and got out of her car and screamed obscenities at me through the windshield, threatening to take a bat to my car. What's a girl like me to do? I don't know if there's a solution, but parking on Clark St. during Happy Hour is a seriously stressful situation.


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