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Development Projects - What's Developing Here?


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The Mayor's office received the following email about a potential development that went to planning commission last week.

From: Paul Flacco
Sent: Monday, August 8, 2022 11:26 AM
To: Brigette Peterson ; Aimee Yentes ; Scott Anderson ; Laurin Hendrix ; Yung Koprowski ; Scott September ; Kathy Tilque ; Kirsten Morgan ; Monica D'Ortenzio
Subject: Apartments

Dear Mayor and Town Council,
I am taking the time to write this request because it means a lot to me.
Please DO NOT approve any more high density apartment complexes..
As a resident of Gilbert for 26 years there is enough and no more for the town please.

We are loosing a little bit of Gilbert already and more dence housing is not what Gilbert is.
Please DO NOT approve any morre apartmants or dence housing.

Rivulon seeks 352-unit apartment project OK | News |

Thank you,
Paul Flacco
1147 S Ironwood Ct
Gilbert, AZ 85296


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