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The construction site setup near the San Tan Charter school (Elliot/Power) is not synchronized with the school traffic and peak traffic hours. Following issues have increased the danger of someone getting in a car accident or worse a student getting hurt.
1. The construction site traffic barriers are placed and removed at times that do not align with the peak traffic and school hours. The construction staff does not direct the traffic and often makes the pattern where drivers can’t tell clearly the school entrance.
2. Absence of a Sherriff or GPD presence and construction staff's lack of action to control the traffic to ensure safe passage means drivers are taking matters into their own hands, often endangering themselves or other drivers.
3. Often the traffic barricades are set up just before the peak hours, even though there are no construction vehicles actively moving around until after peak school traffic hours.
4. Traffic light times on either side of the construction site are not adjusted to compensate for the traffic buildup due to barricades.
5. The speed limit for two lanes merging into one is reduced in a very short distance from 45 to 25 mph. Such a quick merging lane has been resulting in many drivers taking last-minute action by rough braking or the other group who just continues at 45mph.
1. Conduct a study of the traffic buildup as the current construction is not the only construction to happen, as there will be another construction site in the location in the future, which may be even larger than the current site setup. The school traffic hours are 7:50am - 8:15am and 3:15pm - 3:45pm. Recommend that construction staff coordinate with the school to ensure safe and efficient traffic flow.
2. Provide Sherriff or GPD with vehicle presence to ensure drivers are following rules and not speeding. Even before the new issues introduced by the construction, the area has been prone to speeding, accidents, and other traffic law violations. Law enforcement presence will also ensure that the construction staff is establishing and controlling safe and efficient traffic routes on time.
3. Reduce the speed limit before the lights surround the construction site.
4. Change traffic light times around the construction site to compensate for the excess traffic buildup.
At one point the school staff took it upon themselves to route the traffic which we all appreciated, however that is not a role of school staff as they are not trained and or approved (I think) to do such things in public streets. This is the responsibility of, in conjunction with the law enforcement, the construction site owner (Manager or Supervisor). The end goal should be to not increase public hazards and risks which is what is happening currently.

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