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Traffic Signal Timing


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West bound lanes of Williams field at the 202. When in the turn lane for west bound 202. The light turns green on the east side of the 202 and the light on the west side turns red. This causes air pollution and wasted gas and time for everyone. If the light is green while west bound on the east side is red it should stay green long enough to at least let one car through or have it a trailing green but would still make cars stop and wait for 2min each at 06:30 am with no east bound traffic. At least make it a flashing yellow at that time.

also asked...
Q. What direction were you traveling?
A. Westbound
Q. What day of the week did you notice the issue?
A. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdsay, Thursday, Friday
Q. Date you noticed the issue:
A. Last few years
Q. Time of day you noticed the issue:
A. 06:30 am


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