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Park Issue ( Recreation / Open Space )


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I've had these concrete curbings shown here and other construction materials on the backside of my property since I've owned this home for 6 years. They were clearly from a project many years ago and just left there. They promote people dumping trash and used needles. I'm concerned because kids like to climb on the curbings and the dirt piles and I'm obviously not always there to stop them and I'm concerned that someone is going to get hurt as these curbings are not steady. I don't want to see any kids get hurt or stuck by a needle. I attempted to clean the area up myself but due to the amount of construction material, trash and overgrowth, it would be impossible for me to take care of it on my own. I had an interaction with one of the police officers in town who is also concerned about the danger this area poses to other residents. Especially kids.

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