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Pedestrian Safety Study Request


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As a result of the construction start on the Kushner towers on the east side of Bergen Ave. & JFK Boulevard at Journal Square, pedestrians have been pushed off the sidewalk into a narrow 5-ft. path. Complaints to Hudson County resulted in widening the path between the north crosswalk and the PATH station and setting back the construction fence at the two crosswalks.

This is being posted on both the Hudson County and Jersey City SeeClickFix websites because both have jurisdiction over the pedestrian walkway. Jersey City is responsible for the south crosswalk and Bergen Ave. Hudson County is responsible for the north crosswalk and JFK Boulevard.

The flimsy 6-ft. plastic barriers installed along the east side of the intersection will never stop an errant car traveling at 40MPH. There are (20) 6-ft. barriers spanning from south of the south crosswalk to north of the north crosswalk. This is where pedestrians are most vulnerable to errant cars turning left to proceed northbound on JFK Boulevard and where they have the least protection.

NONE of the plastic barriers are completely filled with water. 10 are maybe 2/3 full and the other 10 are empty. These barriers are supposed to be interlocked and pinned together through the holes in the ends. I counted a total of 6 pins.

Most of the empty 6-ft. barriers can be moved out of place by shoving them sideways. This will not protect pedestrians from an errant vehicle. ALL of these flimsy barriers should be replaced by NJ concrete barriers.

On the east side of the intersection, the north and south crosswalks are 12’ wide. The distance between them is 80’. At the north side of the north crosswalk, the south 6-ft. plastic barrier blocks 3’6” of the crosswalk. At the south side of the south crosswalk, the north 6-ft. plastic barrier blocks 9” of the crosswalk.

The Kushner contractor only used 20-ft. NJ concrete barriers. 10-ft. and 12-ft NJ barriers are readily available. The contractor must be compelled to install NJ concrete barriers along the entire length of the pedestrian walkway without restricting the width of the crosswalks.

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