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I've lived on 27th avenue right behind Tyrone Middle school for 27 years next month. Ever since they built the new school there, we can't use 26th avenue in the afternoon anymore. It's become a terrible inconvenience and a serious safety hazard. Cars are lined up on both sides of 26th avenue next to the Elk's Lodge all the way back. It's total gridlock! A school bus was literally blocking 66th street the other day and northbound traffic came to a halt. There is a long line of cars on northbound 66th street tying up the right hand lane every day now with cars flying by doing 40-50 mph. We've had to start taking detours every day just to get in and out of our neighborhood. The side of my car was almost scraped there recently when a car tried to squeeze through while I was waiting at the light on 26th and 66th. Cars and buses are even using 27th avenue where I live as a detour now. All of my neighbors are complaining about this. Something must be done. I can't put up with this for the rest of my life here in this location. Seriously, I'm not a complainer. But this is just not fair. It's affecting us. Please help!

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