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Once again, several bicycles were stolen on Humphrey Street this weekend, by gangs of bike-riding kids working in broad daylight, in full view of neighbors.

This is more than an annoyance. These kids often enter people's yards, so it could lead to other property theft or the risk of physical confrontation.

These thieves thrive on the neighborhood's plentiful supply of bikes left out unsecured by East Rockers who are too trusting (or too stupid) to lock them up properly. So please help remove the incentive for theft by taking your bike inside, or locking it securely (U-style lock) where it can't be seen from the street. If there are no bikes to steal, they won't keep coming back to steal them. If they don't come back, they won't be poking around in your yard. And if they aren't poking around in your yard, you're less likely to come home to a freshly burglarized home.

If you see a bike theft under way, say something, then report it. If you see the gang of youths (easily recognized because several be riding one bike and steering another one) take pictures and video with your cell phone camera and make sure they see you doing it. Even if you can't catch them in the act, hopefully they'll think twice.

Let's stop being such easy targets.

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