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The owners of 1039 S 6th St have been placing "food stations" in the front of their house as well as on League St (500 block between 5th & 6th) for a number of months now, many of which had been constructed from cereal boxes which did not last through a rain storm. In an effort to continue feeding the neighborhood strays (and whatever else decides to wander in), they installed a makeshift shelter. This "shelter" is chained to the side of their house, but sits on League St. It seems that these people are making NO attempt at catching and spay/neutering these cats, rather just feeding them. To date, there are approximately 7-9 different cats (2 new kittens) that frequent this small street. I have walked out of my front door on many occasions and noticed that my sidewalk had been used as a litter box. The shelter that these people have installed has done nothing but fostered the stray cat problem in the neighborhood, not to mention the potential to attract other less desirable creatures (i.e. rats, possums - both of which have made visits to the street in the past). This neighbor is known to be aggressive and abrasive and has not responded well in the past to similar concessions.

I will be taking and uploading pictures in the coming days.


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