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When the driver is traveling north on New Shackle Island Rd (NSI) and passes over the 386 overpass, there are two lanes to choose. Neither has control marks. Those going straight on NSI or turning right onto Creekwood Lane need to be in the right lane, but since there is no control, others figure they need to be in the left lane, as that one is marked straight ahead after the light. Those turning into Glenbrook must go from the single left lane (OR the right lane) to the two turn lanes marked after the light. This results in frequent conflicts, by those in the left lane, as they often assume a right to that lane to proceed north on NSI. This results in numerous tirades, fist shaking, ugly finger gestures, and needless blood-pressure excursions.

According to (former) alderman Brian Belcher and Representative Debra Maggart, this issue has been known ever since the intersection was installed several years back to give access to the Glenbrook commercial area. TDOT incorrectly marked the lanes; original intent had the right turn lane and the two left turn lanes started before the traffic light at the 386 exit ramp. This is a known issue. TDOT has deferred the change for reasons unknown...we have been flush with highway funds for several years prior to the tightened budgets of late. It needs attention!


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