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Dangerous Crossing: Crosswalk Ignored Acknowledged

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The crosswalk at Orange and Audubon has the same issues as the crosswalk at Lincoln and Trumbull: traffic coming off the Trumbull Street exit and speeding through New Haven streets. There is a badly faded crosswalk painted on Orange Street but drivers flagrantly accelerate past pedestrians in the crosswalk daily. Just this morning 4 cars and a Yale Shuttle drove through the crosswalk *while I was crossing*. To make matters worse, the cars were pulling out into oncoming traffic to pass the Yale Shuttle.

I cross this intersection at all times of the day, and what scares me more than the speed of traffic is that the drivers do not even see me. They are so focused on the Orange/Grove light, even when it's red, that they never notice their surroundings and drive like they're in a funnel on the interstate.

The worst times are the morning rush hour with traffic traveling on Orange from Trumbull toward Grove. In the evening, that pattern reverses at to be cars traveling on Orange from Grove toward Trumbull.

This is incredibly dangerous. Pedestrians both young and old cross here for the housing authority, ACES, and the law firms on Audubon. Please! Add this intersection to this spring's Must-Repaint list, add some police presence especially in the morning rush hour, and consider it for a raised crosswalk!

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