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Why does it take an HOUR to go from the overpass of i95 to the Wawa on Chichester avenue lately (when that route measures about 2/10ths if a MILE)? Traffic has NEVER been this SLOW. Someone must have mucked with the Meetinghouse traffic light. Going 2/10's of a mile in an HOUR is unacceptable. This problem started about 2 weeks ago; and it getting progressively worse. Its not construction in the area; (which IS an issue), it's something more; like some idiot decided to change the traffic light ratio on MeetingHouse. Disagree? Try to drive the road around 5PM from beginning to end. You'll die of old age before you ever see your destination. (to the architect of such a great design; I'll get your fireproof suit ready.. I'll be first; but, I'll keep your seat warm!)

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