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Aside from basic code violations as overgrown yard, there is a dead tree in the yard, junk on the non-alley side of the house. This has been a chonic problem for YEARS with this house and the city has usually solved it in the past years. BUT this year, a problem was first reported in JUNE 2014, a notice of a court appearence was issued in late AUG 2014 and here we are in OCT and Nothing has been done. I AM not a city manager, councilmember or city employee, we are just your average taxpayers wondering why nothing has been done. I have enclosed pictures: you will notice SOME OF THE WEEDS ARE AS HIGH AS THE 4 FOOT FENCE. Can we expect something to be done before Thanksgiving? 6 months should be enough time. Send a crew out to clean up the mess and bill the homeowner. [ sadly i can only upload one image which only begins to illustrate the multiple code violations] Please help

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Q. What are you reporting?
A. Overgrown vegetation

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