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Weeds & Litter Complaint


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I am so upset with this City and this sorry excuse of a program; on 94th St Sw between sunset gardens and Eucariz Ave Sw there are weeds, trash, wild bushes and evasive trees growing in the gravel between the sidewalk and the roadway. These plants are so large that they block the sidewalk forcing people wanting to use the sidewalk, to walk in the street. If I was wheel chair bound and needed to use the sidewalk I wouldn't be able to...and just fyi I would sue the city for ignoring such an dangerous issue and for it not being resolved. I myself have reported this issue before and have been following numerous other complaints on the same issue in the same area for several months. I REPEAT We can not use the sidewalks in this area. I am so upset that I am thinking of pulling the freaking things myself and flinging them in the street. Than maybe the city will be forced to remove them. Do something about this or I will go to the news media outlets!

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