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Okay....I'll try again. First I would like to say that the new Walter Hannon Parkway is great for circumventing quincy center. It looks great as you continue to landscape the area. Thank you for a job well done.
So, heading north on washington street and trying to take the left onto hannon parkway where there are no green arrows to allow traffic to take that left onto hannon parkway. When the light does turn green everyone tries to go at once and there is a bulge of traffic which very often comes to a standstill with cars stuck in the intersection after the light has turned red....very frustrating. If the northbound traffic was allowed to go left on a green arrow before the southside of washington street is allowed to advance, I think traffic would flow a little easier. (It is easier to go straight right INTO quincy center than take the left onto hannon parkway which is not what you want to happen) I thought one major reason for this parkway is to keep traffic out of quincy center?
Also, the area in front of the quincy rehab./nursing home, even though there are two signes on the two telephone poles out in front "no parking anytime" there are ALWAYS cars parked there in front which causes the east flow of traffic on hannon parkway to "squeeze" left before the light on washington st.. This causes many near misses in traffic accidents. Anyway, I sent an email previously about this issue and do not think that it went through. Thank you for looking into these two problems.

Barbara Berlucchi

Also, it is not quite explained what "summary" means above - confusing

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