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Barking Complaint


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Owner lets her dog (Luna) sit outside unsupervised all day every day in the front yard. Luna completely loses it and barks/growls when anyone or anything passes the house. Today I tried to take my dogs for a walk and she was aggressively barking and growling, and then grabbing the top of the very short fence and trying to pull herself over it. That fence is also damaged at the front entrance. Multiple neighbors have spoken to this resident and yet she never stops Luna when she does this. We should be able to walk our dogs in our neighborhood without having anxiety that Luna will get over the fence one day and charge our pets or children. It’s her owner who’s to blame, she leaves her outside all day and has never once come out to correct her behavior. Not to mention when Luna does go into these barking fits it sets every other dog in the neighborhood off. We’re all sick of it.

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