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This has been and continues to be a place where people need to cross Shelburne Street, and since the temporary crosswalk at Adams was taken out, there's now no way to cross safely for a full half mile between the crosswalk at the new roundabout and the one at Prospect Parkway. People cross the road with no crosswalk quite often in this stretch — not only to get to the Adams and Alfred Street northbound and Hoover and Birchcliff southbound bus stops, but also just to get to where they're going on foot. It seems ludicrous to expect that people will walk half a mile out of their way to use one of the crosswalks, and, in fact, people don't. There should be at least one or two additional crosswalks on this stretch to accommodate foot traffic. A lot of people live, work and walk in this area and the pedestrian infrastructure is basically nonexistent. Why not make it easier to be a pedestrian on this part of Shelburne Street, maybe slow traffic going into the roundabout as a bonus, and give people a safe place to cross in the places where they're going to cross anyway?

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Q. What type of infrastructure are you requesting?
A. crosswalk

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