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City Street Signs


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For the sanity of all the Salem residents plllllllease enforce the no parking rule for those without the monthly passes! And create more ledgible signage BEFORE they enter Riley Plaza!!!

We have no where else to park during the insanity of Halloween season and can’t grocery shop or run errands because we have no place to park when we return! It’s really annoying.
And tourists follow the blog that posts it as a place to park since the tickets are cheaper than the daily parking in the garages.
You need to find a better way to ticket non residents more money. Like you do for all the wealthy salem residents. It’s 75$ ticket everywhere else in rich neighbors.
Why do you make it even harder for us Salem residents to live here, help those of us that need the help during the October season. Especially when we are very aware how much money the city is making this time of year.
Thank you!

The solution is easy! Just give us a special resident sticker for Riley plaza !
And charge out of town people a hefty fine.

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