Street Lamp Winchester between Bassett and Huntington St. Archived

759 Winchester Avenue New Haven, CT 06511, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Ive left 6 maybe 7 calls to the City regarding this light on Our Block being out. ....I've contacted Our AlderWoman, in boxed the Mayor, and finally received a call Fri eve stating it would be fixed Mon. due to Our Alders phone call.Its now Thurs week 3 of Darkness from Dusk till Dawn.This also is the Ville, would You like to leave Your House for work in this

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Q. Please provide pole number. If you cannot provide the pole number, please explain why (missing etc).
A. 3620
Q. Please describe in as much detail as possible the location of the pole (nearest address and cross street are most helpful).
A. Its pole # 3620 on Winchester between Bassett and Huntington St.


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