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I choose graffiti because north street looks silly and very dangerous with this design. I have to say being redone somtime in 2006 or around there. Not sure what the goal is with lose of parking. I think a traffic. Control at Dearborn and Franklin would help with left turns. Speed enforcement outbound to peabod ly as well and on both sides of over pass. The merge is bad outbound and people cut off at Mason and North. A barrier in front of speed way would help. Having a turn lane from north to bridge at commercial to Boston and flint would help no left turn from commercial to north would help. The light at north is too long and cars cut off into salem at Mason and at north and the court house traffic does illegal you turns anyway. Usually public officials who think they are expemt from following laws. The easiest safest way to prevent accidents in north boston highland Lafayette Loring Jefferson would be granite decides with fence and landscaped with one way patterns in neighborhoods and traffic. Controls and not allow left turns unless it is at a traffic controls. Parking to corner enforcement is key. As hard to pull out at Dearborn. I think fire stations at Essex and north should close and newer better buildings on less busy intersections would help. As noston Street has many issues along with Essex. At least pave the street because people on bikes won't see potholes and will loose control . The new parking in street thing will result in more hit and runs. You do not even have message board or coordination with other towns about bike lanes. We have homeless people living in tents and any residents close to no food or Eviction. This line painting money should be going to police and dealing with the homeless and social issues.

also asked...
Q. Is it gang/hate/offensive? If possible, be sure include a photo for the Salem Police to review.
A. No
Q. What type of surface is it on (brick, wood, concrete, etc)?
A. Street
Q. Is the graffiti on public or private property? Please note, the city does not remove graffit on private property, we notify the property owner and enforce penalties if not covered/removed in a timely manner.
A. Public

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