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The vehicles parked illegally within 30 feet of the intersection of Mensler Avenue and Murfreesboro Road, especially on Mensler, jeopardize the safety of anyone walking or driving from Mensler Avenue and turning on to Murfreesboro Road. As a pedestrian walking from work to the bus stop on Murfreesboro Road, several times, I have almost been hit by cars coming north on Murfreesboro Rd. and turning right on Mensler. The drivers’ view around the corner of Mensler Avenue is blocked by the cars that are parked close to the intersection on Mensler Avenue so they cannot see around the parked cars. There have also been cars parked at an angle on Mensler Avenue with the rear ends of the pars sticking out into the lane on Mensler. The drivers coming from Murfreesboro Road, turning right onto Mensler, drive around the cars, and if I’m walking around the cars, then it’s a safety hazard for me as a pedestrian. Cars parked close to the intersection on Murfreesboro Road block the view of drivers coming from Mensler to Murfreesboro Road. I’ve been the passenger in cars with friends driving, who have complained about their view being blocked.

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