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Traffic Light Issues Acknowledged

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Town of Swampscott


Traffic Light Issues


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This issue was fixed for a few weeks but has reverted back again, along with the same nuisance effects for both drivers and residents. The light stays red half the time (30sec per minute) whereas normally it should only trigger red if there's cross traffic or pedestrians. At the busiest times of day it makes it harder for people to pull out of their driveways with the traffic backed up. Drivers who blare music from their cars who would normally pass right by, instead sit at the intersection for a full 30 sec. Late in the evening large semi-trucks come screeching to a halt, surprised by the light change. Ambulances normally stay silent in the wee hours, are obligated to turn on the siren to because the light is changing and they must blow through safely. It would be a shame if any these things needlessly contributes to an accident there.

also asked...
Q. Location of Traffic Light ?
A. Paradise Road at Ellis Road
Q. What type of issue ?
A. Traffic Light broken

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