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Tree Issue


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The trees which sit on several properties in this corridor appear, to me, as though they are accidents waiting to happen. Especially in winter and possible high winds and snow and ice situations. The trees in question are all on properties that appear to be abandoned for development/clearing or simply have just been mismanaged. In many cases they have been trimmed on the property side but now have way too much limb weight hanging over the street. I hesitate to use this street after a rain storm for fear of an old limb crashing into the roof of my car. I would hope that the city arborist or a certified tree service could examine and trim/remove trees that pose a potential threat. It's a beautiful canopy street but at what price is it worth if not managed?

also asked...
Q. Do you presume the tree to be dead?
A. No
Q. Please explain issue:
A. Trees on West side of Ashford Rd before N. Thompson appear to be dangerously weak


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