Illegal and unsafe crossing of railroad due to lack of pedestrian connectivity! Open

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There is a pedestrian bridge from the Metro station (S of RI Ave) to the N of RI ave, E of the rail tracks.

Instead of walking down the bridge, under the (unsafe, poorly lit, tiny sidewalked) rail bridge, over a block and up a big hill (also with tiny sidewalks), HUNDREDS of people per day jump over the side of the pedestrian bridge, up a hill, around the rail fence, onto a LEDGE (12 inches and 40 feet above the ground?!!!), cross the tracks and go to the shopping center.

If it hasn't already, someone is going to get hurt or killed, and I can bet it will be a kid or teenager.

When hundreds of people per day are risking their lives to save 10 minutes and avoid a creepy area, something needs to be done NOW! I heard there is some long-term plan, but please do it now!


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