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Erosion and Sediment Acknowledged

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Next to the all American hway is a crater and it’s getting bigger everyday by erosion from the rain and the bad weather we been having lately. It is also eroding under the highway itself and could collapse if left along and with spring coming up really dangerous. The business called B&B used auto parts the building itself is in danger of falling into this crater. Help is needed right away cause it’s getting really bad. Thank you

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Q. Where is the erosion and/or sediment problem?
A. Under the all American highway and on the side shoulder right side as you come before Santa Fe road.
Q. What do you think is causing the erosion and/or sedimentation problems?
A. Bad planning from DOT and the city of fayetteville and county engineer department. Seward lines not hooked up and this whole place needs to be filled in.
Q. Is there any current land disturbance or development in the area?
A. Yes
Q. What can you tell me to elaborate on the extent of the problem?
A. Sooner than later a caos will happen when the underneath of the all American drops into the hole and someone will die.
Q. Has it happened before at this location?
A. No
Q. Has NC DENR or any other agency been notified of the issue? Explain.
A. Yes and nothing done
Q. Is there any other information to share that would help the City in resolving the problem?
A. They have been alerted to theProblem but continue to pass the buck yo the county and state
Q. Is this in the Right of Way?
A. Yes

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