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Crosswalk Needs Repainting Acknowledged

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Crosswalk Needs Repainting


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There is desperate need for crosswalk installation on this area of College avenue in front of the Joyce Cummings Center at Tufts. Safe access to the this highly trafficked building and the soon to open Green line station is seriously hindered by the lack of a nearby crosswalk. Pedestrians walk through traffic and dart between idling cars to cross the street to access the Cummings building. This will surely be exasperated when the green line opens next week, when only more pedestrian commuters will flood this area. The lack of a crosswalk here poses a serious risk to pedestrians. Vehicles are also in danger, forced to avoid jaywalking pedestrians. I hope that the city’s traffic and engineering department will prioritize the placement of a crosswalk in this area before a pedestrian is struck here.

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