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Good evening,
I reported last month that the recycle truck driver was placing both of my garbage cans in the middle of the street, while the regular black container driver had no problem picking up my can in the same location (please review previous complaint). The recycle driver did this for over a month until others in the neighborhood started honking their horn at 5:00 am in the morning to wake me up to move them the cans as it was a safety hazard on a tight corner. After you acknowledged that you received my complaint and would send a representative out to see where I place my cans, I had the following incident. The recycle driver drove within approximately 12 inches of my car while leaking hydraulic fluid. The picture represents how close the drive came to my car while leaking hydraulic fluid. The picture show only inches away. As I am handicapped and require lower leg braces to walk, I had to step into the hydraulic fluid to enter my car. I decide to stop using my recycle bin entirely as it took me 2 hours to manually shampoo my floor mat area to remove the hydraulic fluid. The reason I am reaching out to you is not to complain about the driver because if you address this with him, he may retaliate and cause me more aggravation. My family believes in recycling, and we realized we used my recycle bin a lot. Now I must place all the recycle items into the regular black can. Would it be possible for me to trade in my recycle bin for a second black can? This would compensate for the extra trash due to the excess recycle trash in the single black can. Please reach out to me if this is possible and I will leave the blue can out so you can pick it up and drop off a second black can. I do not wish to reach out to the recycle driver but hope you will consider my request.
Thank you in advance for considering my request and enjoy the Holidays!
Best Regards,

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