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No construction permits visible and no sign of construction in progress (except the signs). Public access to water blocked. Behind Harbor Landing Condos.

The reason I'm reporting this is because I believe this is fake construction designed solely to block the public water access behind the Harbor Close condos. The reason I think it is fake is because the "construction site" doesn't begin where the actual damaged boardwalk is -- but conveniently starts where the Harbor Condo water view begins. You can see in the photo below that there is at least another 30 feet of boardwalk that is walkable until the damage begins.

Today's date is Nov 30, 2014. If there was a permit, we would have a date by which the construction is set to complete.

I would be thrilled if Harbor Landing actually fixed this issue which is now 2 years+ standing. But if they have the wood to put up a sign, they should actually fix the boardwalk.

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