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Parking numerous cars on the front yard. It looks like a parking lot. This yard has the city water trunk line running from across the street thru the front and back yard. The sewer line in the back yard was just repaired. Not sure if the sewer line in the front yard can hold up to the weight of all these cars.

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Q. What is the nature of the issue?
A. None of the above (see below)
Q. Please provide additional details regarding the complaint above or, if the nature of the complaint is not listed above, please specify.
A. illegal parking on the front yard
Q. When are the violations occurring? Please provide date, days of the week and/or times when violations have been seen.
A. daily. Has been going on for a few months. It's even on the google maps showing cars on the front yard.
Q. Please provide the make, model and license plate number of the vehicle, if known.
A. No Answer Given

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